Your Gay Thoughts

Your Gay Thoughts

Gregor Kocijančič (vocals, keys, electronics, bass guitar ) and Fejzo Košir (beats, drums) and Luka Uršič (vocals, keys) and Mina Fina (video projections) and Michael Thomas Taren (lyricist) all met in Panama City on independent journeys in quest of the enchanted skull of a sudamerican indian boyprince. In a cantina at the foot of a sacred mountain they laughed and laughed and they agreed to chip in for the services of a local shaman whose medicine might reveal the secret location of their quarry. For a bottle of aguardiente and a box of prepaid envelopes, he put them in a trance as they lay on rough reed blankets surrounding a pathetic little fire near his thatched hut on the outskirts of town. Naturally, each of the future members of Your Gay Thoughts had the treacherous hope that the portal of insight would open in his/her head alone, thanks to the arcane botanicals. Their connivance proved fortuitous, however, as the shaman they had enlisted was none other than Dionysus in disguise. ‘The liberator’ aka Eleutherios unbeknownst to these selfish crusaders had enlisted them in a plan to join forces and demonstrate for captive audiences the world over the radiant nexus of our inter-sex eroticomusical fixations through a music that invites listeners to come back to the dream. He, Dionysus, wrapped the dreamers up in an invisible shawl that would keep them bound together forever as a quadric chimaera rolling around the world in a tumbleweed of mischief and clairvoyance and smooth future beats couched in sleek, rippling post-pop atomizations. Your Gay Thoughts, mirabile dictu, whelped in the asparagus fields of Ljubljana, jam on distortions in a bomb shelter under a church. The Watercolors is their debut album.

The Watercolors

Available on vinyl, CD and digital.

The Watercolors is a quiet/loud and philosophically searching sound, exploring paradox and dissolution, bubbles and breath, the transfixion of the pressures within the organism, new creation, new sun viz. etc, the future of earth and animals in the sanctuary of a biosphere. It dwells at the crossroads of synthetic and natural, jazz and hip-hop, inspiration and craftsmanship, pop and space. This album sounds like a future where all the landscapes of the past are available for exploration in the simulator cube. Wobbly things come in parades of costumed creatures whose identities split and morph in the wake of the songs’s narrator, a jagged pink crystal, machines rumble in the veins, birdsong glitches in the disheveled cleavages of organ tone, garden ships hover above clearings where pretty fractals and trembling radiant nanoplants blossom, Blade Runner skyscrapers rise up from the fog of the morning in the metropolis. The vertiginous altitude of hearts and lusts, Western-y high notes reinforced concrete monolithic panopticon showering light, host to a little piano bar on top. All the instruments provok’d from sluggishness by EROS and SORROW. Time does the jitterbug as the Congo barges in. Horns and mirrors. The Watercolors takes place in Claude Monet’s Giverny landscape during the year 2125 on a languid, humid later summer day when you unzip your lover’s iridescent environment suit while discussing the age old problem of free will.


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